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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to construction, the monthly rain barrel sale has been temporarily moved to the New Hanover County Government Center’s South Entrance. Click here for a map and directions with Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/72ous3giDdgiHhph7 .

Are you looking for rain barrels in Wilmington? We have two great rain barrels to choose from at 25% below retail price!

Short Stack

Our 60 gallon barrel – Special Price of $90.00

(Normal Retail Price $119.95)

60 gallon barrel

Tall Stack

Our 80 gallon barrel – Special Price of $110.00

(Normal Retail Price $139.95)


Short Stack and Tall Stack rain barrels are available for purchase and pick up on the 2nd Thursday of each month between 9:00am and 4:30pm. The sale is located at the West Entrance of the New Hanover County Government Center (near the Bowling Alley). Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted. The barrels are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Unable to attend the sale in person? Call (910) 798-7130 or email soilwater@nhcgov.com to schedule an appointment for purchase and pick up on a date the works for you!

New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District
230 Government Center Drive, Suite 100
Wilmington, NC 28403
phone (910) 798-7130
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Rain Barrel Sale presented to you by:

Program Brochure:

  1. Protect our local waterways from stormwater runoff pollution
  2. Utilize natural water while reducing your water bill
  3. Simple way to grow healthier plants and flowers
  4. Conserve water during summer months and in times of drought
  5. Help reduce erosion and flooding caused by runoff
  • A newly created, custom molded rain barrel specifically designed for use as a rain barrel. Unlike used barrels, our openings for the spigot and overflow ports are metal fittings molded into the rain barrel.
  • The RainBarrelUSA has Solid HDPE construction, Brass spigot, two overflow ports with male garden hose thread.
  • Uses standard garden hose for water distribution, Requires no special hoses or piping, the two overflow ports permit extended length hoses to move water away from the house foundation, the Brass spigot works well with a soaker hose.
  • Perforated Plastic entry cover permits rain entry, Easy debris removal, Standard solid Brass fittings can be replaced if damaged, Replaceable entry screen cover prohibits insects.
  • Removable lid for easy barrel cleaning, Top can be secured for safety, Accommodates any size downspout, Concave top channels rain to center, Low mounted spigot offers more usable water from barrel, Ribbed sides for extra strength.
  • Dark color prevents algae growth, Minimum assembly, Dark green color blends with shrubbery.
  • Dimensions 60 gallon: 31 inches High, 28 inches Wide. 80 gallon: 37 inches High, 28 Inches Wide
  • Brass spigot easily connects to garden hose
  • All parts included and ready to set up
  • Gravity fed. No pumps required.

View the specs sheet

Where should I set up my rain barrel?
Choose a downspout on your house or garage that is closest to the plants you water the most. Remember that rain barrels are gravity-fed systems, so be sure you install them so the water can run down hill.

Do I need to put my rain barrel on blocks?
Your rain barrel must be placed on a solid, level surface. Water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon. A full 60 gallon barrel will weigh 500 pounds, and a full 80 gallon barrel will weigh close to 700 pounds. We suggest you raise the barrel with landscape blocks, as this will help with the gravity-fed flow.

Does my Homeowner’s Association (HOA) allow rain barrels?
Each HOA may vary, so we recommend you check with your HOA for appropriate color, design, or placement of

How do I maintain my rain barrel?
Rain barrels require very little maintenance. Keep the lid on tight and the screen free of leaves and other debris. If water is left in the barrel for too long, it may develop an unpleasant smell. If this happens, we recommend completely draining the barrel and cleaning the inside with a brush and fresh water. To clean the screen, simply unscrew the two small screws holding the screen in place, and carefully lift out the screen to clean it. Place screen back into the opening and tighten the screws back into place.

How do I install my rain barrel?
The 60 and 80 Gallon rain barrels are delivered without the brass spigot and overflow valves installed. However, fittings have already been molded into your barrel for the placement of these pieces.

A small plastic package containing the pieces and four screws is taped to the drum.

The brass faucet has been wrapped with Teflon tape. Do not remove the Teflon tape. The two overflow valves go into the molded fitting on each side of the barrel near the top at the rear. Start the valves by hand being careful not to cross thread. Each fitting should turn easily into the mold until it is finger tight. Using the adjustable wrench, turn the fittings ¼ to ½ turn to tighten them. That’s all there is to it.

Now start the faucet into its opening near the bottom of the drum at the front. Again tighten the piece until it is finger tight. Now use the wrench to seat the faucet. Usually one full turn is enough to seal the faucet so that it does not leak. Do not over tighten. Check the barrel after the first rain for a leak. Then tighten as necessary.

The round plastic screen simply drops across the opening on the top of the lid and is secured in place with the two smaller screws diagonally from each other.

For safety reasons, we recommend the lid of your rain barrel be secured with the large screws included in the packet. On the side of the lid, simply pick a spot about ¾ inch down from the flat area near the edge. Start the screw, making sure you will catch the turned down edge of the barrel under the lid. Seat the screw to its full depth. Do the same on the opposite side of the barrel.

We suggest hoses be connected to the overflow valves to direct excess water away from your home. A garden hose connected to the faucet will permit easy watering of your plants which are level with or downhill from your rain barrel.

How do I keep mosquitoes and other insects out?
The barrel is equipped with a mosquito-proof screen that is screwed down into the center of the lid. This screen prevents mosquitoes and other bugs from entering the barrel.

What if I do not use of the rainwater in the barrel?
Most barrels will fill quickly in even a brief rain. If you’re not using all of your water, you may consider attaching a soaker hose that will allow for drip irrigation. This will allow water to slowly trickle out of the barrel and water your plants.

How does the overflow valve work?
Rainbarrel USA barrels are designed with two overflow valves, located toward the rear on each side. We suggest connecting garden hoses to the valves to help divert overflow rain away from your home’s foundation. The rainwater can be diverted to a nearby garden or shrubbery area.

Click Here to Learn More About Installing Your Rain Barrel

Have additional questions?
Contact our partner, RainBarrel USA. They’re happy to help!

Soil and Water Conservation: 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 100 • Wilmington, NC 28403 • Phone 910-798-7130 • Fax 910-798-7282
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