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Hours of Operation

8 am to Sunset


Environmental Education

  • Birding:  Birds of the marsh come in all shapes and sizes! Look for herons and egrets wading in the tall Spartina grass, ospreys or hawks perched on dead tree snags, and blackbirds and warblers flitting in and out of nearby shrubs. To live in this unique habitat, many of these birds have adaptations to help them survive: different shaped beaks for different methods of eating, feathers for camouflage and staying dry, or long legs and webbed feet for wading and swimming. The abundance of food and relative protection the salt marsh provides makes this an ideal habitat despite the brackish water and salty air. Sometimes it’s easier to listen for birds first, then follow their call and look for movement.

Kayak Launch

Kayak Storage

  • A permit is required to store your watercraft in the storage unit
  • We are in the process of going through the waitlist to rent the new units
  • To get your name on the waitlist for a storage slot, email us your first and last name, phone number and email address. Please note that the waitlist is very long (over 100 people) and you will receive an email should a slot become available.
  • Storage unit rental period is July 1 to June 30th
  • Fees are $100 per year for New Hanover County residents and $200 per year for non-residents


  • 1 mile nature trail for walking and bicycling (no motorized vehicles)

Brackish Water Birds

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