Healthy Opportunities Program (HOP)

The Healthy Opportunities Pilot Program (HOP) through Cape Fear is a state and federally funded program to help improve the overall health of qualifying Medicaid members and improve healthcare costs. New Hanover County Health and Human Services offers services in the areas of food and home goods. 

For more information and enrollment into this program, call 1-800-953-0203 or 910-208-2024 or contact your doctor, or insurance provider. 


  • Must be on Medicaid (select plans accepted)
  • Must live in a permanent residence in New Hanover County
  • At least one Physical/Behavioral Health Criteria
    • Adults (e.g. having two or more qualifying health conditions cardiovascular disease or lung issues, chronic mental illness, or substance use disorder)
    • Pregnant Women (e.g., history of poor birth outcomes such as low birth weight)
    • Children, ages 0-3 (e.g., neonatal intensive care unit graduate)
    • Children, ages 0-21 (e.g., experiencing three or more categories of adverse childhood experiences)
  • At least one Social Risk Factor
    • Homeless and/or housing insecure
    • Food insecure
    • Transportation insecure
    • Experiencing toxic stress

Please note that New Hanover County Health and Human Services offer services through the HOP Home Goods, Food Sector, and Essential Utilities Set-Up areas.

Healthy Home Goods

Individuals have to meet the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for Healthy Home Goods. Approved home goods includes items like air purifiers, HEPA filters, mattress and pillow encasements, carpet shampooers, and vacuum cleaners. 

Food Sector

Individuals who meet the standard eligibility requirements and have been diagnosed with health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes may qualify. The HOP Food Sector offers cooking classes and up to $210 in fruit and vegetable vouchers.

Essential Utility Set-Up

The Essential Utility Set Up may be used in association with essential home utilities that have been discontinued (e.g., initial payments to active heating, electricity, eater, and gas). This service is a non-recurring payment to:

  • Provide non-refundable, utility set-up costs for utilities essential for habitable housing.
  • Resolve arrears related to unpaid utility bills and cover nonrefundable utility set-up costs to restart the service of it has been discontinued in a Pilot Enrollee's home, putting the individual at risk for homelessness or otherwise adversely impacting their health (e.g., in cases where medication must be stored in a refrigerator).