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    The agenda items listed are available for public comment at an upcoming Planning Board or Board of Commissioners meeting. Comments received by 8 AM the day of the applicable meeting will be made available to the Board prior to that meeting and will be included as part of the permanent, public record for that meeting.

  2. Projects available for comment.*

    June 1, 2023 Planning Board Meeting

    • TA23-04:  Request to amend the Unified Development Ordinance requirements pertaining to Campground / Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks. - Continued from May 4, 2023 PB meeting.
    • Z23-11: "Castle Hayne and Hermitage Business Park" - Request to rezone 17.9 acres of land at 4012 Castle Hayne Road from R-20, residential to (CZD) CS, commercial services for a commercial business park. 
    • Z23-12: "Oasis on Blue Clay and Holly Shelter" - Request to rezone approximately 23.01 acres zoned I-1, Light Industrial and approximately 49.38 acres zoned R-15,Residential to (CZD) RMF-L, Residential Multi-Family – Low Density for a maximum of 521 residential units consisting of multi-family, attached, and detached residential dwelling units.
    • S23-04: Special Use Permit for the use of Child Care Center at the approximately 7.47-acre parcel located at 6687 Carolina Beach Road, zoned R-15, Residential.

    June 5, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

    • Z23-09: Request to rezone seven (7) parcels totaling approximately 11.77 acres of land located at 6800, 6808, 6814, 6818, 6820, 6824, and 6828 Carolina Beach Road from R-15, Residential to 2.37 acres to (CZD) B-1, Neighborhood Business and 8.66 acres to (CZD) RMF-M, Residential Multi-Family – Moderate Density for a convenience store with fuel stations and a maximum 128 unit multi-family development. 
    • TA23-02: Request by New Hanover County Planning & Land Use to amend Section 10.2.3. to update and clarify the requirements for Community Information Meetings required for applications for conditional rezonings, planned developments, and intensive industry special use permits. 
    • S23-02: Special Use Permit for the use of Child Care Center at the approximately 0.82-acre parcel located at 320 Van Dyke Drive, zoned I-1, Light Industrial.

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